Index of Craig Huegen's Denial-of-Service papers and presentations

This is an archive of Denial of Service attack research that I undertook in 1997-1998 in order to combat the new attacks against Internet infrastructure, primarily the "Smurf" attack.

The original Smurf paper

Associated presentations:

"The Latest in Denial of Service Attacks: Smurfing"
Oct. 1997 presentation to the NANOG 11 Interprovider Operations BOF (HTML)

"Network-Based Denial of Service Attacks"
Feb. 1998 presentation to the NANOG 12 Interprovider Operations BOF (HTML) (Simple HTML)

"Network-Based Denial of Service Attacks"
May 1998 presentation at SANS '98 (HTML) (Simple HTML)

"Network-Based Denial of Service Attacks"
June 1998 presentation at NANOG 13 (HTML) (PPT)